the angry scarfThank you all for the supportive, flattering comments and emails you sent my way yesterday for the debut of JEFBOT. They certainly made the launch of this webcomic an easier, more exciting and fun launch than I even expected. Wow, I am completely humbled by the response you sent my way. Really, thanks. If you missed the first strip, check it out out by clicking here.

Okay, onto the second strip: The Angry Scarf! This is another strip that unfortunately, is true. So, very, very true. Longtime readers of the previous incarnation of this blog, or friends that have seen me so adorned, will remember one of my sisters giving me an abnormally long scarf for my birthday awhile back. Well, now the origin of that born-from-the-twisted-depths-of-my-sister’s-soul yet oh-so-comfy neck garment can be revealed. Enjoy.