myspaceThe weekly Wednesday strips begin today! Sorry about last week’s no-show. The strips are taking way longer than I’d like, but I’m getting more and more speedy so no drastic measures will need to be taken (yet).

Hopefully you’ve read today’s “MySpace” strip already. If not, read it, then come back here. Okay, just for the record, my niece is not a skanky ho, nor have I even seen her MySpace page so I couldn’t (and wouldn’t) even speculate. The strip was based on someone else (who shall not be named) but it was funnier with my niece so I sent it over to her yesterday before posting to see what she thought. She got back to me with her laughter and approval so thankfully there was no need to do any editing before I put it up on the webs. Good thing too, cuz it sets up bits for the future, so it’s all good.

Another little factoid about this strip was that the pencilling and inking was done with real pencils and ink pens/brushes. The first five strips I produced using mostly a Cintiq tablet (basically a 21″ monitor you can draw on using a special, pressure-sensitive pen), but since I was locked away in jury duty last week I brought along my pencils and drawing pad and did most of the drawings in the courthouse. It took a little longer than usual to do it this way and I think the results are mostly the same, so I’ll continue to use the Cintiq when I can. There is a tad more subtlety you can get using real pencils and brushes, however, so I won’t throw them away just yet.

Speaking of MySpace, I created a new profile specifically for the JEFBOT webcomic there. Add me as your friend, if you’re feeling it:
Also, I just joined ComicSpace, another social networking site, but tailored for comic fans and creators. Check that out, here:

That’s it! As always, let me know what you think about the new strip with your comments and emails, I love hearing from you.