jefbot16_stampHappy Halloween, everybody! Since Halloween fell on a Wednesday this year, I felt like it was only appropriate that I do a strip celebrating the holiday. The idea for this one came about because every year, at one or more Halloween parties, I invariably dress up as The Crow. It’s absolute laziness on my part, I admit, but when all I have to do is dress in black, put some white makeup on my face and do some black pencil around the eyes and lips, it’s kind of a no-brainer, even if it’s totally overdone and made fun of, even. It helps that (I’ve been told) I look a bit like Brandon Lee, too. So I always give props to the man whenever I go Crow.

It only took one panel to tell the story this time, which is a first for this strip. Kinda cool as it shows off the line work a little more since I didn’t have to shrink the artwork down to fit into small panels. I’ll definitely have to do these one panel strips more often, when the gag permits.

Here’s me in Crow-garb during this time last year:
jeff as the crow