Just wanted to wish all JEFBOT readers, friends and family a Happy Thanksgiving. A couple of the biggest things I’m thankful for this year are (finally) getting JEFBOT up and for having an audience who comes to the site and reads the strip, which makes doing it so much more fun than if I were just drawing it for myself. Special thanks to those that have left a comment or emailed me with feedback letting me know what they thought about the strip or the website. I truly enjoy getting these responses and it gives me a little thrill whenever I see a new comment has been posted.

TurkeysaurusSo thanks everybody! Eat lots of food and drink, hopefully with loved ones and family, and with any luck I’ll be here next year giving thanks for a whole 2008s worth of strips. I’m sure you all have lots to be thankful about this year, too. If nothing else, be thankful Hagryphus giganteus, the 75 million-year-old prehistoric turkey who stood 7 feet tall and could run over 25 mph, won’t be dining with you this year, as the turkey in that case would definitely be stuffed. With human. *insert scream here* Happy Thanksgiving!