jefbot26_stampWhenever the weather deviates from mild and sunny here in Los Angeles, the local news goes crazy with it. The city will have some light, spring showers and there will invariably be a reporter on NBC Channel 4 shoving a microphone in some poor pedestrian’s face, asking “How will you stay dry!?” “How do you cope?” “Where will you go!?” It’s ridiculous. Is it like this in other cities? We’ve already had a STORMWATCH: 2008 when we had some (pretty heavy for L.A., actually) showers last week, but nothing compared to the snowstorms and hurricanes back east. Many of my friends are from the east coast and were over there for the holidays, so it was with unending amusement that I would always tell them, “It’s so COLD back here!” Responses varied from amusement to anger.