Albert Einstein, 1951Today marks the anniversary of Albert Einstein’s birth on March 14, 1879. Known most famously for his equation, E=mc², he always seemed to me to be the most approachable of geniuses, mostly due to his broad sense of humor, rebelliousness and philosophical approach to science. I try to live by his example all the time. For instance, how he approached solving problems by visualizing them in his mind rather than using words. I try using that approach with JEFBOT – I generally have a vague notion of what the joke’s going to be and I kind of just let it coalesce in my brain over time until I can “see” the panels. Doesn’t always come out the way it was in my mind, but that’s my process most of the time. Not that what I’m doing is in any way “genius” but if I’m going to emulate a way of thinking, I think his way is a pretty good choice.

I also frequently try to wrap my head around his special theory of relativity throughout random times on any given day. I mean, I “get it” at its most fundamental core – that time is relative based on how fast you’re moving – but how he came up with that theory, by imagining light traveling alongside a train, is what occupies my mind. Can we think like he did? The physiology of his brain was found to be different than most people’s, but is it possible for anybody to change their thinking in such a way that they can see things the way he saw them? Not sure. Probably not. But it’s fun to try.

Happy Birthday, Albert!