Kerim, Michael & ScottIn addition to celebrating birthdays for my brother-in-law Ted and myself last week, I also went to a birthday party with friends Michael Cornacchia and Lacy Baxter for Kerim Ekonomi, one of Michael’s theatrical agents at the Stone Manners Agency. The party was held at Life on Wilshire, a lounge-type restaurant/cocktail bar off (yep) Wilshire near Crescent Heights, which had a cool outdoor patio and a small dance floor.  I spent the night eating tasty hors d’oeuvres (the little burgers were especially good), taking pictures and hanging with Lacy on the couch. Although I met them only briefly, Scott Manners and Kerim both seemed like personable, laid-back guys along with the other agents, actors and party-goers who also seemed cool and friendly.

JEFbot & LacyI spent the end of the night on the dance floor with Lacy once the DJ started spinning some 80s dance hits which lured us away from the couch. Although I was shakin’ it pretty hard to BBD’s Poison I didn’t get too stupid out there, although at one point I could be seen doing the Running Man. Good times.

Check out my Flickr page for more images from the party.
bday party preview