eating disruptedI truly didn’t expect or demand that Best Buy help defray the cost of my poor choice of buying the HD-DVD add-on for my XBOX 360, so it was a nice surprise when i received the strip-mentioned gift certificate in the mail.

Having technology become obsolete quickly is something that comes with the territory, and everybody buying HD-DVD or Blu-ray players prior to Toshiba’s February 19th announcement knew that going in. I didn’t really take sides in this format war since I had both players (thanks, PS3!) but I did want to maximize my access to certain titles. Knowing that movies like Children of Men40-Year-Old VirginKnocked Up and Shaun of the Dead were exclusive to HD-DVD at the time meant that I would be picking up a player, case closed. Disney and Pixar being exclusive to Blu-ray meant that even if Sony hadn’t built a Blu-ray drive into every PS3, that I would be picking up a player no matter what.

I’m glad there’s only one format going forward now, although I wish the “war” had gone on a bit longer – player and disc prices were coming down faster than expected and Blu-ray was adding features constantly to keep up with what HD-DVD offered. Now, prices are going back up and Sony doesn’t have as big an incentive to keep the technology updates on the fast track. Still, it was fun while it lasted.