what the new jefbot shirt looks likeUPDATE: CONTEST IS OVER.
Winners will be announced on Wednesday! Thank you to everyone who submitted an entry.

What better way to celebrate another 25 JEFBOT strips than to give away 3 free JEFBOT t-shirts away again!? Just like the contest back in January when we hit #25, the rules are simple:

1. In one of the strips in the JEFBOT Webcomic Archive, you’ll find a “50.” Believe me, you’ll know it when you see it. Find that strip.

2. Once you’ve found it, email me the date, title or number of the strip.

3. The contest will run from today through next Sunday, June 8, after which I’ll throw all the names of the people who emailed me the correct answer into a hat and have someone trustworthy randomly pull out three lucky winners. I’ll announce those winners on Wednesday, June 11.

That’s it, get to it! I’m hoping this contest will give new readers a fun incentive to read through the archives, and give longtime readers a refresher course before we continue on to the next 50.

You can check out the color and look of the t-shirt below. I’ve stuffed many favorite characters, moments and things from the past 25 strips into the design. It comes in white, forest green and dark chocolate, and if you win, you can choose the color you like best. Hope you like ‘em, and once again, Happy Hunting!!!

JEFBOT t-shirt colors