Today’s strip marks the introduction of Kurtis Bedford, one of my best friends and a fellow actor, into the world of JEFBOT. You can call him K-Bed. For sure you’ll be seeing him, his wife and son in future episodes.

The way you can tell this strip isn’t entirely based in reality is that Kurtis is holding an iPhone. There’s absolutely no way he could even touch an iPhone more than a few seconds without breaking it, due to his monstrous hands. If you’ve ever seen the hands of the Thing or the Hulk in comic books, that’s what we’re talking here, and that’s where this strip bends a bit closer back to reality: the proportions of his hands to his body are pretty much accurate as drawn. Seriously, his fingers resemble french toast dips. His hands resemble Easter hams. Also, they are hard and calloused, and he has been known to hammer nails and punch through walls with them. It’s true, I’ve seen it.