the questioning cake

UPDATE: The poll is now closed and “New Kick-Ass T-shirt” wins! I’ve already begun conceptualizing what will make this shirt truly “Kick-Ass” so expect some updates on that soon. It was so cool for me to get such quick feedback from you readers that I’m already thinking about more polls for the future. Big thanks to everyone who voted!

After putting the call out, I’ve received a bunch of feedback from readers suggesting what I should do to celebrate JEFbot’s one year anniversary. The overwhelming response so far has been for a new t-shirt design but I’ve received a few other valid suggestions (and a few not appropriate to post) which I thought I’d present here for a vote. I’ll abide by whatever gets the most votes (please vote only once), even if you choose the coffee mug.

Here are the top six suggestions you came up with. If you have any others, I can probably slip in a couple late entries before I close off voting next week.

• With a new, kick-ass t-shirt design? (33 votes) WINNER!
• With a “walk on” part in the JEFbot strip? (30 votes)
• With an original JEFbot pencil & ink drawing? (14 votes)
• With a party in Hollywood where we all meet at a bar for drinks and cake? (8 votes)
• With a “favorite character” t-shirt? (4 votes)
• With some pretty cool JEFbot stickers? (3 votes)
• With a crappy coffee mug? (1 vote)

For clarification:
• Whichever prize wins will be given away in a raffle, like I did with the t-shirt giveaways.
• The “walk on” part would consist of  me drawing the winner into a strip, either as background or possibly something more substantial.
• The “favorite character” shirt would be a shirt devoted to a single favorite character, as voted on by the readers in yet another poll.
• If the “Hollywood party” wins, I won’t be paying for travel expenses or hotel stays. I’ll supply drinks and cake for the winner, as long as they’re of legal age. Also, “bar” could be substituted with “sister’s house,” “parent’s house,” or “my apartment.”