The Worst Icon on the Web

Check me out being interviewed on the inaugural episode of The Worst Show on the Web, a web radio show hosted by none other than JEFbot webcomic alum and good friend of mine, Kurtis Bedford (aka K-Bed). The interview starts as a fun Q&A about my experience doing the Wil Wheaton arc in JEFbot, but quickly devolves into the hosts accusing me of being Wil’s stalker. I kind of deserve that after creating a storyline hating on Wil, but “it’s all in good fun” so check it out! 

To hear the interview click here, then click on the mic at the bottom left of the home page to get to the show’s blogtalkradio site. I’m on the first show, titled, “Grand Opening” and appear near the 23 minute mark, in case you’d like to jump past (or to?) what the worst of the web has to offer.