cast of wtfwt?!
Here’s a pic from the set of, WTFWT?!, a webseries I was lucky enough to act in a few weeks back, which was the basis for JEFbot’s “The Short” story arc, which can be found here: 01, 02, 03, 04, 05. The pilot’s being edited at the moment and should be ready for viewing soon.

The amazing group of talent seen above includes (from left-right/up-down, more or less): Pam Cook, Rob Smith, Ted Sawyer, Scott Walker Mullin, Lacy Thomas, Ric Barbera, Matthew Shaffer, Mark Kelly, Mark Reilly, Ryan Styles, Kristina Hayes, Michael Cornacchia (who also created and produced the project), Ali Wiener-Dallas and me, Jeff Schuetze.