Just wanted to thank a few more websites for mentioning JEFbot in their pages over the past few months. JEFbot has been growing at an exponential rate since I first started writing and drawing it a little over a year ago, and a lot of that is due to people passing the word about this strip around! I always love when someone tells me they found their way here by reading about it on a website, or from seeing a JEFbot t-shirt out in the wild, or just plain ol’ word of mouth. So a big thank-you to everybody who has been championing this site, including:

BlueBlood.net – for the great write-up and featuring of my Blue Elmo strip!

ArtPatient.com – for such a great review and flattering article on what he learned reading JEFbot.

Grinningskull.com – for spewing coffee out of his nose

Ominous Knife – for asking readers what they would do in this predicament?

dky bar and grill – for listing me in the comics she’s been reading and featuring my GTA IV strip.

If you’ve seen any other fans out there promoting JEFbot (especially if you’re one of them), please let me know!