nemu*nemu logoA guest strip I did for nemu*nemu, an extremely cute webcomic about two girls and their magical stuffed-animal puppies, is up today at!

The webcomic has been a favorite of mine for the past year or so, because of the high quality of the strip and my love for pretty much all cute, small animals and Asian pocket-monster type things (I should really give jefbot one of his own), so I jumped at the chance to do a guest strip. Also, the team behind the webcomic, Kyubikitsy (aka Audra Furuichi) and KimonoStereo (aka Scott Yoshinaga), are based in Hawaii which has a special place in my heart since my mom (mombot!) grew up there.

Check it out! The adventures of the two girls (Kana & Anise) and their pups (Nemu & Anpan) are fun, and the manga style art is truly great.

If you found your way here from the nemu*nemu site, welcome! Browse the archives, kick off your shoes, and make yourself at home.