Thanks for all the comments, emails and suggestions on “How to Burp” you readers have been sending me since the last strip. My throat has been feeling a bit weird lately, kind of like I have something stuck in it, either a) because something actually is stuck in it, like a piece of the Thanksgiving turkey leftovers I’ve been living off for the past week, or b) because I’ve been trying to force myself to burp using all of those suggestions, or c) because I’m just hyper aware of my esophagus now. Regardless, not good.

Anyway, at least in today’s strip, jefbot has a real pro trying to help him relieve some of that pressure, so maybe there’s hope for me in the real world, too. A guy can hope. Keep sending those suggestions! Something’s gotta work, right?

Oh, and did I just blink and JEFBOT hit strip #100!?