Congrats to the winners of the FREE RAD JEFBOT T-SHIRT CONTEST! And a huge “thank you” to everybody who participated. The amount of people who entered this contest outnumbered all the people who entered the last two contests combined! Needless to say, it was very gratifying, and a lot of fun for me, to go through the mail each day and see all the new people who entered. Thanks for giving me that thrill.

And without further ado, the following people will be getting a very comfortable, very stylish, brand new, RAD JEFBOT TEE:

Favorite JEFbot Strip: Shan M, Ottawa, Canada
(our sole repeat winner from the #50 contest), picking as her favorite strip, JEFBOT.89_The Best-Laid Plans.

Mailing List Peeps Only: Jesse N, Cincinnati, OH
picking as his favorite deodorant (and one I can wholeheartedly recommend), Reich Gärt!

Mombot’s Bonus Round: Danielle T
found the dragonfly in the correct strip, JEFBOT.86_Jewel of Denial (it’s not there anymore, but here’s what it looked like).

Mombot’s Bonus Round, Round 2:  jhorsley3, Poulsbo, WA, was picked randomly when (just like the last contest) my mom got carried away and donated a second shirt to the contest. jhorsley3 picked as his favorite strip, JEFBOT.60_The Killing Joke

And just for kicks, I tallied up all the votes sent in for Favorite JEFbot Strip and thought I’d share the results with you.  The results were all over the board, with strips as random as The Styling Cap and Hamster God getting multiple votes and predictable favorites such as The Angry Scarf, Brain Aged and Wil Power getting a lot of votes too, but barely making it into the top 10. But after all the votes were tallied, I was surprised when these two tied for the win:



The best part about this was how so many of you included notes with your submission, letting me know the reason(s) why you picked a particular strip. Some really cool stories were in there, giving me some insight into how some of you relate to different strips in (vastly) different ways.

Lastly, the readers on the mailing list were tasked with naming their favorite deodorant. Here’s how it shook out:

1.) Reich Gärt (I was tickled that so many of you voted for this. The huge response indicates I should create a line of fake German cologne/deodorants!)

2.) Old Spice (High Endurance, Showtime, Sport)
3.) Secret (Clinical Strength, Platinum)

So that wraps it up! Thanks again to everybody who participated – you all made this contest a great success. Can’t wait for the next one! Oh, and if you want to buy one of the new shirts, click here.