Hope you all had a great time ringing in the new year – this strip is literally how my family does it. Yep, we have an old bell we all ring every New Year’s Eve at midnight, and we’ve had that tradition for as long as I can remember. Us Schuetzes might not get as serious about it as the strip makes it appear, especially with guests, but I think we can all use as much luck we can get, and ringing this bell has worked for us. Mostly. Besides, you wouldn’t want us talking smack about you behind your back later, right? Recommendation: If you spend New Year’s Eve with us, just ring the dang bell. Happy 2009!!!

Oh, and for new readers: The character with the mouth is none other than jefbot’s niece, Akira. She hasn’t been seen since she vowed revenge almost a year ago in JEFBOT.29_Bad Uncle.