First of all, I just wanted to send out a huge THANK YOU to everybody who left a comment or sent an email wishing me luck on this audition I had today. I can honestly say, you all made my audition 10x better when I was sitting in the waiting room, reading your messages and realizing I had a huge team out there rooting for me. I truly have the coolest, most supportive readers and am humbled by your generosity.

Secondly: the strip. Kind of ironic that today’s strip was delayed by an audition, when the current storyline is about jefbot being agent-less and audition-less, no? I currently don’t have an agent either, and am going to start sending out headshots soon, just like jefbot (well hopefully, not just like jefbot). Fortunately, I have an awesome new manager, Becky Poliakoff, who has been getting me some great auditions. Thanks, Becky!

And if you’re just getting here and are wondering what’s up with this blog post and the comments, basically, the strip was delayed a day because of this.