anpan's labCheck out the guest strip I cooked up for my friends over at nemu*nemu this week by clicking here!

This strip was inspired by the art and humor of what is probably my favorite nemu*nemu strip, Brain Surgeon. Plus, I couldn’t resist drawing my favorite character, Anpan, in his lab a la Dexter’s Laboratory (one of my favorite cartoons) and Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog (one of my favorite musicals). So definitely check that out along with the rest of the nemu*nemu archives: it skews a bit younger than JEFbot, but the work  Kyubikitsy (aka Audra Furuichi) and KimonoStereo (aka Scott Yoshinaga) are doing over there has made it one of my favorite comics on the web.

And since you’re going to be over there already, might as well check out the nemu guest strip I did last October, Flower Power.