I’ve been meaning to put out a JEFbot wallpaper for several months now and due to a couple requests and some nice comments about JEFBOT.157 from some of you gamers out there, I finally put one together and made it available for download below! If you need a different resolution, just shoot me an email or leave a comment with the size you’d like. I’m also thinking a BOTton with this image would be a good idea, so let me know if you think so too, and i’ll make it happen.












iPhone (320×480)

To slap this wallpaper on your monitor, just left click on a link above, then right click on the image and save it to a folder. After that, right click on the image in the folder and select “Set as Background” if you have a PC, or right click on your desktop and select “Change Desktop Background,” then navigate to the image and select it, if you’re running a Mac.

If you have an iPhone, just navigate to this page using Safari on your phone, click on the iPhone (320×480) link above, then hold your finger down on the image and select “Save Image” when that option comes up. Go back to the main menu and select “Settings,” then “Wallpaper” and finally select it from your Camera Roll. Voila! Now you can share in jefbot’s gaming rage every time you use your iPhone!