Check out Megahn Perry, one of the most beautiful and talented actresses I know, sporting a JEFbot shirt in the latest episode of her popular YouTube series, Heather’s Vlog! She makes that shirt look 100x better than it was meant to, seriously.

If you aren’t familiar with the series, Heather’s a vampire who lives with her dad (also a vampire, played by none other than the Cornfather’s inspiration, Michael Cornacchia!) and tells “the truth about vampires” (Twilight and True Blood have been targets, naturally) through her vlogs. She’s also best friend to Kelly, from the überpopular (and übergenius, imho) Kelly videos. And now it’s canon that Heather’s a fan of the JEFbot webcomic!? One can hope.

The chemistry between Megahn and Michael is fun to watch and each short is hilarious, so go check them out. You should also probably be over 13 to view the videos, as they have some adult language and themes (so obviously, NSFW either).