UPDATE!: The Marathon’s over and the guys caught all 493 Pokémon and raised over $18,000 for Ally’s House charity! That’s over $3000 more than their target! Amazing work, guys.

The guys over at TheSpeedGamers.com are attempting to raise $15,000 for Ally’s House, a charity which helps kids with cancer and their families, by catching every Pokémon in the Nintendo Gameboy and DS games within 72 hours. This is no simple feat, I know, as it literally took me several weeks of playing and trading Pokémon with friends back in the 90s to capture the then-complete Pokédex of 151. Today, there are 493 Pocket Monsters to be caught, spread out over several games. What a cool way to raise money for a good cause while playing an awesome game, right?

As I write this, they’ve been playing for 33 hours, have raised a little over $7000 and caught 227 Pokémon and counting. If you’d like to help TheSpeedGamers make their goal and/or see the live feed of their progress, head on over to TheSpeedGamers.com before the marathon ends. Pika!