And so this storyline about The Cornfather’s diet comes to a close. Which isn’t to say there won’t be The Further Adventures of Chubman and Scrawn at some point, just not in the immediate future.

This little arc was a real blast to write and draw, so I’m extremely happy with the response it’s gotten from you guys. From the geyser of vomit to the Powers of Scrawn/Chub to the Cornfather and jefbot’s new superhero personas, this story took me to a few places I didn’t realize I was going, so thanks for indulging me. This kind of stuff is why I love doing JEFbot so much!

If you’d like to visit/revisit the storyline check it out here:
JEFBOT.204_Unhappy Meal
JEFBOT.205_Just Desserts
JEFBOT.206_Getting Served
JEFBOT.207_ Dinner’s On Me
JEFBOT.208_Salad Daze
JEFBOT.209_The Power of Scrawn
JEFBOT.210_The Power of Chub

BTW, As I’m sure many of you have already noticed, that last panel is an homage to one of my favorite graphic novels. Anyone care to name it?