I wonder how many of us will have our bodies remain miraculously intact through the ages. At least intact enough to be dissected, mounted and placed in some museum like the mummies of Egypt, Otzi the Iceman or even Lucy, the Australopithecus. On the one hand it’s kind of cool that these ancients were able to live on in some way, but on the other, it’s somewhat grotesque. I think about this often and have come to the conclusion that I’d rather be unearthed by a (hopefully) benevolent alien race then sentient robots. Neither can be trusted, really, but my hope is that aliens would learn more from my DNA, stomach contents and bone structure  than robots would. Of course, in the end, there’s always cremation as an option, but that may be robbing my corpse of an adventure, and I wouldn’t want to do that.

Oh, and if you’ve just joined us and have no idea what’s going on, I’d suggest going back a few strips to the beginning of this storyline, here, and all will become clear.