It felt like the universe was conspiring to keep this strip from getting posted, but it’s finally up! Thanks for your patience.

A number of you commented on earlier strips, asking why jefbot couldn’t use his Powers of Scrawn to squeeze through the boxes right after he got stuck. My answer to those questions was that he couldn’t use his scrawn powers when pinned. Only by teaming up with the Cornfather’s chub powers could he hope to activate his “phasing” ability under the weight of all those boxes.

If you’re wondering what all this talk of “powers” is about, be sure and check out these past strips:
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Also: Thanks for the great response to the iPhone Rehearsal App I posted about during the strip’s absence. It’s a great app that helps actors memorize their lines and I did the art design for it! Until I get the blog post up about it, click here to check it out and give it a try!