Those on my Twitter feed might remember me shooting a short film a few months ago where I was dressed up as a lion, rolling around on a bed with a cat. Since I haven’t had many opportunities to dress up as animals in projects I’ve acted in (thankfully), you can correctly assume that this is that film. It’s the second in a series of shorts, made by the guys over at scratchframe, entitled, Craigslist Masterpiece Theatre™ which are all based on real ads on Craigslist. For this short, You Were A Cat, the ad listing was as follows:

this last weekend I met you at a Halloween party. You were a black cat and
I was a lion with a sphinx head. We really hit it off and I really enjoyed
speaking with you but for whatever stupid reason I didn't get your name
when I left. I would love to see you again. please contact me

I had a great time shooting this thanks to the awesome cast and crew, and it was a blast reuniting with a couple of my peeps from Grey Skies on this project, namely the director of the short, Andrew Dickieson (Grey Skies’ camera and steadicam operator) and costar Anne Griffin (Grey Skies’ “Annie”). Drinking all the alcohol from the party scene after we wrapped also helped instill good feelings about the production.

If you’d like to see more shorts in this season of Craigslist Masterpiece Theatre™ or would like to know more about scratchframe and their projects, check out the following links:

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