I’m sure we’ve all experienced it, but I find it amazing just how much suspension of disbelief we’ll accept when we’re dreaming. I’ve been on other worlds, in different times, fighting monsters while being an entirely different person, and for some reason, I’ll completely buy it. Now, once you start questioning reality all the time, these outlandish types of dreams are the kind that can signal to you that you’re dreaming and you can start going “lucid.” Even so, you’ll have to concentrate or you’ll slip right back into a regular dream state again.

Today’s comic was one of the most text-heavy strips I’ve done in a long time, but I wanted to get most of the techniques I’ve practiced for lucid dreaming out there so those of you who haven’t experienced it can give it a try. I can tell you: it does work. It might take a while – it took me over a month of practicing before I could start controlling my dreams – but if you keep up with the techniques jefbot outlined, it should happen for you in a few weeks time, if not sooner. And you don’t even need a “Veilcracker” to do it. I used a rubber band I’d keep on my wrist, and sometimes a ring. For a while I was just drawing an eye on my hand with a ballpoint pen and that was all I needed to see to keep reminding myself to question my surroundings. Hopefully, some of you will give it a try and let me know if you get any results. I haven’t actively done the technique in years, but while I’m working on this storyline, I’m thinking of getting back into it. Who knows, maybe one of my dreams will find its way into the strip (or vice versa!).