No, I didn’t get a 3D TV. Although I’m intrigued by the technology – mostly for the gaming possibilities – inconveniences like requiring each user to have their own set of glasses (costing between $100-$200 a pop) and which aren’t compatible between brands seems ridiculous. And since 3D for the home doesn’t have a standard yet, even the 3D Blu-rays are brand-exclusive at the moment, be sure the disc you’re buying is compatible with the brand of TV you have. Add to this that I don’t find 3D all that compelling – my eyes get used to the effect about 30 minutes into a movie and everything starts looking 2D to me – and I suppose you could say that I’m going to take a wait-and-see approach. I am intrigued by Nintendo’s upcoming 3DS – a more powerful, 3D iteration of their ubiquitous handheld, which doesn’t require glasses. Make a TV that can pull that off and I might start looking to buy again.

If today’s comic strip seems familiar to you, you probably read yesterday’s offering from the brilliant webubercomic, Penny-Arcade, which covered the same material. I thought about canceling today’s strip once I had read theirs, and almost did so, but since I was already deep into the creation of it, and felt we approached the topic in distinct ways, I decided to trudge ahead and complete what you see above.