I’m sure a lot of you JEFbot readers have had the same experience of showing your parents a new gadget, toy or video game you were excited about, only to have them confused by its interface or purpose. And while today’s strip was based on my mom’s initial experience with the iPad, she was definitely more enthusiastic about it than Mombot here, and I’m sure will be using it like a pro in the near future. I did think she would take to navigating its UI more intuitively, but I’m sure the Apple testers didn’t have long fingernails like my mom does, or flip pages on their iBooks as fast as she seems to. I still haven’t had a chance to show my dad the iPad, but I’m holding out hope that he’ll take to it more enthusiastically than the laptop we got him a year or two ago, which sits on one of his shelves gathering dust.

I’m heading to Oregon this weekend for a wedding (congratulations, Mark and Breanna!) so forgive me if I don’t get to your comments or emails right away. This will be a test run for the iPad (I’m leaving my laptop at home. *gulp*), so if it doesn’t fare well – I’ll see you on Monday!