Hmmm… love and video games. I can certainly think of worse things to work for. And actually, I’ve worked for far worse. Being a graphic designer, there was a time when I did a lot of freelance work, and many payments were based on a barter system that most often did not work in my favor. There was one job I did for colored markers, and another I did for a jacket. A used, green jacket from a car rental company, that wasn’t even in my size. (I still have it and will wear it until I feel I’ve gotten my money’s worth.) Needless to say, I would’ve much preferred Love or a pristine copy of Chrono Trigger. Anyway, I’m sure many of you have stories about crappy payments received for services rendered, although I’m hoping to hear a few where the payment exceeded your work and expectations. Anybody?

Thanks for all the responses to my question about your favorite arcade games in the
blog post for last Tuesday’s strip! I’ll be tallying all your favorites up and putting them in a poll for you all to vote on, then I’ll illustrate the top 3 games into the strip. Look for that poll in the JEFblog soon!