I’ve wanted to get Wil Wheaton back into the strip since jefbot first began his unhealthy obsession with the guy over two years and two hundred strips ago. Knowing Wil’s advocacy of all things geek and gaming, I thought this storyline would be the perfect way to bring him back into jefbot’s world, and this time in person, no less! Big thanks to Wil for indulging me the use of his character, and for having such a great sense of humor about all this.

I’m sure most, if not all, of you already check out Wil’s blog, but if not, get over there, posthaste:
WWdN: In Exile

Original Wil Wheaton Storyline:
JEFBOT.66_Force of Wil
JEFBOT.67_Wil Power
JEFBOT.68_Wil to Fight

Beginning of the current storyline:
JEFBOT.272_Going Postal