Firstly, if you aren’t familiar with The Christmas Bat, get up on these links:
The Christmas Bat
The Christmas Bat II
• The Christmas Bat III Parts One and Two

Secondly, how is it possible we’re on our Fourth Annual Christmas Bat Tale!? It’s not. Not possible. I must be losing my mind. And what’s this!? We’ve officially hit 300 strips!? Again, not possible. I fear it’s finally happened: I’ve lost touched with reality. Or at the very least become disconnected from the time stream. Either way, a visit to the local sanitarium might be in the cards this weekend.

Consider this a brief intermission during the current storyline. I seriously thought about skipping any Christmas Bat strips this year, but after three years running, who am I to buck tradition? Hope none of you mind this brief respite from The Last Arcade (and judging from queries I’ve gotten in comments and emails about TCB’s whereabouts, I’m sure there are at least a few of you who won’t). Rest assured, we’ll be jumping right into the DK Battle come Friday! Thanks for indulging me this.

Next year I’m planning on making The Christmas Bat strip something more epic, and maybe have a contest for best evidence of a Christmas Bat visitation. Hopefully, a kind reader will point me to this blog post if I forget.

Happy 300 strips and Happy New Year (almost)!