Antagonizing teenagers or gloating in their faces is usually a bad idea. jefbot would be wise to remember this.

The DK Battle tally as it stands so far is:
Pinky & Bro: 129,500
Wil Wheaton & jefbot: 125,400

Wil and bot may be a bit behind at the moment but each player in the game has another life left, so don’t count anybody out just yet. And since there’s been some questions about how the game is set up, here’s a brief explanation:

In Donkey Kong you get three lives at the start of the game and one extra life when the score reaches 7,000 (or 10,000 depending on the machine) so, in this case, each team gets four lives for a total of two “Jumpmen” each. Now that every player has played once, they each get one more shot to add to their team’s score. In essence, the pressure is now on. (Yes, like Donkey Kong.)