The pressures of the competition seem to be getting to jefbot, or maybe it’s just the constant pestering from Pinky that’s getting under his skin. Then again, maybe this is just how jefbot gives a pep talk. Hopefully he can get it together as Wil continues his final chance at adding to the team’s point pool!

And those Star Trek: The Next Generation fans among you might remember jefbot’s “Traveler” reference from the episode Journey’s End, where Wil Wheaton’s character, Wesley Crusher, decides to explore the universe with The Traveler instead of returning to Starfleet. Yes, jefbot couldn’t resist watching STNG in the ’90s, even though he probably watched it through jealous, venomous eyes.

(For behind-the-scenes stories of STNG from Wil’s unique/humorous perspective, check out his book, Memories of the Future, available here.)