While I was at the Emerald City Comicon, I had a fun interview with Shannon and Matt of the Seattle Geekly podcast! Hear me talk about the JEFbot strip, acting, Wil Wheaton, things I geek out over and more, here:

Seattle Geekly Episode 93

I’m around the 34 – 35 minute mark, but listen to the whole thing, as they have some great interviews with other creators. Here’s the description, from their blog: “In this week’s show we have interviews with some familiar names and some new ones including Dark Horse Comics Managing Editor Scott Allie, writers Brandon Jerwa and Matt Sturges, webcomic creators Jeff Schuetze of Jefbot and Curt Franklin and Chris Haley from Let’s Be Friends Again plus a whole bunch more.”

Oh, and before the interview starts, when Shannon and Matt mention me flaking out on them last year – yeah, that totally happened. It was a hectic time, and I wasn’t good at writing down appointments, and I totally forgot to call in for an interview with them. I felt really bad about it, so I’m glad we finally got to chat. (I’m just thankful they didn’t harbor any bad feelings over it, cuz they were supercool, nice, geeky people.) Thanks, Seattle Geekly!