[UPDATE – 03.26.2011] A heartfelt thanks to all the awesome, thoughtful people who responded here and on the previous blog post about Sonitan. Her Recovery Package – *glomp’d* with presents, healing vibes and all your names on the card – is going out today! The window to get on the card is now closed, but continue to send positive mojo Sonitan’s way as she continues to recover. Thanks!

FANTASTIC news! I just heard from Sonitan’s mom and it looks like our favorite Lady Goth of Doom is healing up and heading home this weekend! She will still have a lot of recovery to do so she’s not out of the woods yet, but it looks like Sonitan’s strong enough to leave the care of the ICU, which is great to hear.

As I mentioned before, Mombot and I are putting a package together to send to Sonitan soon (most likely this coming weekend), so if you responded to the last update, I’ll be putting your name on the card. If you’d still like to get on that, just let me know in the comments here before this Friday.

I’m not sure how long it’ll be until we hear from Sonitan on the site, but she was strong enough to relay a *meh of doom* through her mom, with the instructions that I “fear it!” So I’m taking that as a very good sign! Her mom also said all the good wishes were well received and helped “so very very much.” So keep the positive vibes flowing, and maybe we’ll here some *diabolical laughs of doom* soon!