So Popbot’s Real Life counterpart occasionally gets something in his head where he just has to have something. It could be anything, really, and whether this desire is triggered by a commercial, something he saw at a neighbor’s or just something spontaneously generated in his head, he’ll obsess until he has this thing, whether he needs it or not. (Hmmm… maybe that’s where I get it from.) It’s happened with his HDTV, his DVD player, his laptop computer, and of course, his latest cell phone. Events transpired pretty much as you see in today’s strip: He went through a couple of phones, including a Windows 7 phone, before settling on the Galaxy S he now owns. I had a chance to play with each phone as he went through them – none of which were bad – but then, he never tried the one I recommended, mostly because (I later found out) he was shopping for phones exclusively at Costco, which doesn’t carry iPhones.