Although videogames appeal to adults as well as kids these days, it’s not always easy to find gamers when you aren’t around a younger demographic. (This wasn’t a problem when I was in high school and college, obviously.) Most of my friends have left gaming behind as they’ve gotten older and I can’t blame them – as I’ve mentioned on the site before, I’ve been so busy this year that I haven’t connected my gaming consoles since moving to my new apartment last December. My Nintendo DS (and now my 3DS) still gets played on occasion, but certainly not as much as a year ago, and a year ago I wasn’t playing as much as the year before that. It’s nice that modern consoles let you socialize with friends and strangers online, but nothing quite matches the thrill of playing together in the same room, which, more and more, is becoming a rare thing. I think once I get a few more projects done (which includes some cool stuff coming soon for this site!) I should vow to set aside time to plug in my 360, PS3 and Wii, invite some friends over, and get some hardcore gaming done for as long as it takes to get it out of my system, and then I can get back to work.

Speaking of socializing with friends online, several readers – who have now been assimilated into my Friends List – responded to my call to trade 3DS Friend Codes a couple strips back, (thanks, all!) so I thought I’d do that again for those that might have missed the post. I found this was an awesome way to connect with some cool gamers, and much better than trolling schools, which I do not recommend. Here’s how:
• Input my 3DS Friend Code into your 3DS: 4339-2500-5008
• Then email me your 3DS Friend Code by clicking here. (Codes must be traded for this to work.)
• As always, kids get your parents’ permission before doing anything like this online.