The conversation between jefbot and his sister Xinda in today’s strip is almost a word for word transcription of a conversation I had with my sister Linda a couple years back. I’m sure many of you have volatile relationships with your siblings also, but I’m not sure it’s a common thing to plan that volatility weeks or even months in advance. She and I never did meet for such a dinner but a part of me (a very small part) wonders what it would’ve been like, and where we would’ve met. Maybe at the local Sizzler with its open salad bar full of easily throwable food objects, or perhaps a Soup Plantation or Yogurt Stop where things could really get messy. Maybe on a day when I’m feeling more self-destructive I’ll see if she’s still up for it.

It occurs to me that it’s been so long since Xinda has appeared in the strip, that many of you newer readers might not be familiar with her character. She’s kind of a fan-favorite around these parts, so if you’d like a quick rundown of her greatest hits, the following comic strips would be a good place to start: JEFBOT.02JEFBOT.69JEFBOT.80JEFBOT.134, JEFBOT.229.