So jefbot has just one more mission to complete before he can go home for some much needed rest. And it’s just him and a little dog, right? What could possibly go wrong there?

Actually, this strip represents one of my biggest pet peeves of all. Living in West Hollywood, where it seems almost everyone has a little dog, it’s pretty amazing how clean the streets and sidewalks are. Except when some dog owner turns a blind eye to their dog’s poop, and just leaves it wherever it’s deposited. I’ve seen it happen; the owner pretends to be deeply involved in a conversation on their mobile phone and then pretends not to notice their dog just dropped a steaming pile, and then innocently walks away. I just want to run over and pick up the poop (yes, with my bare hands. Yes, it’d be worth it.) and then throw it at the back of their head. Let’s hope jefbot takes a more civil course of action.