If you’re in the San Francisco area this weekend, come by and see me at the JEFbot Table (#452), where I’ll be signing books, selling merch, doing sketches and handing out free postcards and bookmarks! I also have a limited amount of special APE/JEFBOT mini-BOTtons that I’ll be giving out to fans and readers only, so if you’re planning on stopping by, let me know and I’ll save you one.

This is my first APE, so I’m not sure what to expect, but I hear it’s a ton of fun, filled with talented writers and artists, workshops and panels for comic enthusiasts and a cool, indy vibe for creators and fans. And as I mentioned above, I’ll be selling my first collection of strips, JEFBOT VOL.1_All Dysfunctions Normal (which is still only available at my convention appearances), t-shirts and BOTtons!

Check out the official APE site if you have questions, and I hope to see you there!

Big apologies, JEFbot readers, but there won’t be a Friday strip this week – been hustling getting ready for a comic convention this weekend and just ran out of time. Although I’ll have to push pause on The Angry Scarf storyline at the moment, it’ll be back next week! (Monday’s posting might be a bit late since I get back that afternoon, though. Bear with me.) I’ll be posting about my trip on Twitter and Facebook, so check me out over on those sites if you’re curious. Wish me luck at the con, and see you next week!