Well, Xinda didn’t say “No,” so as far as jefbot’s concerned, the jury’s still out on whether she had anything to do with his scarf becoming sentient. (For new readers, she is partly responsible, though she doesn’t know it, as it’s her “angry vibes” imbued in the scarf during its inception that made it so testy, combined with some alien microbes the scarf later had an accidental run-in with that made the yarny mass come to life.) For a refresher:
JEFBOT.02_The Angry Scarf
JEFBOT.271_Origin Story
JEFBOT.349_It Lives
JEFBOT.356_There Will Be Scarf (storyline)

We still have another strip of jefbot visiting his sister, Xinda, in the hospital after her breast cancer surgery, so stay tuned when the new strip appears on Friday.