Funny how one’s mind and body react in certain situations; I thought I might lose it before entering the hospital room where my sister Linda was recuperating after her cancer surgery, but once I was in there, I was in complete control of my emotions, and was able to maintain at least the illusion of strength and calm. It wasn’t until much later, perhaps as much as a day or two, that everything hit me. But, you know, I’m pretty good at suppressing emotions. I think that’s one of the reasons I do this comic – as a way to let those rascally emotions run free for a while before I bottle them up again.

So this is the last strip in the Xinda/Breast Cancer storyline. I didn’t want to end it on a cheery, joke-y note since this is such a serious topic and I wasn’t about to present a presto, everything’s fine now, ending. My sister Linda (Xinda’s Real Life counterpart) has gone through months of grueling chemotherapy and radiation, and she’s still continuing her fight to beat the cancer, so it’s not something that can be magically wished away, sadly. And although this strip is the last of this particular arc, you can be sure we’ll be checking in on Xinda/Linda every so often as she continues that fight.

Once again, a HUGE thank you to all you readers for sending well wishes, prayers, positivity and healing vibes to my sister and family throughout this storyline. I know Linda got a kick out of getting to know many of you in the comments and I’m sure all that awesome mojo is helping with her recovery. So, thank you!!! Once again, I’m convinced that I have the best group of readers in webcomics.