Sorry for the lack of a strip last Friday; I was giving myself Thursday off to enjoy Thanksgiving with my family, and had every intention of working on JEFbot the next day and posting the strip late. When I tried powering up my MacBook Pro Friday afternoon, however, I found that one of its internal fans had died during my turkey binge. I immediately called the closest Apple Store, and, after being on hold for quite some time (due, no doubt, to the Black Friday sales going on) I was told that I would need to make an appointment and drop my computer off, and might need to leave it with them for 2-3 weeks, possibly longer. Since I don’t have a back-up computer, I really needed a fix right away, so started calling computer shops around town to find the fan. I didn’t find a shop that had the correct part (and was open for business) until Saturday afternoon. So, after I procured the part, I ended up spending the rest of the afternoon taking apart my laptop and replacing the fan (with the help of an online video that I followed along with on my iPad.)

Anyway, this is all an extended way of saying that I wasn’t able to get to last Friday’s JEFbot, but, barring anything else unforeseen happening, this week’s strips (we’re back on a Tuesday/Friday schedule, remember) should be posted on time. Thanks for your patience.