Between my computer failing, the website hack and now my eye being infected with something nasty – all within the past few weeks – I’m starting to wonder if the universe is conspiring against me putting out the JEFbot comic on time!

Here’s the story: I woke up on Saturday with a small irritation in my eye. Felt like an eyelash or some debris was stuck in it. Well, by Sunday that irritation had swollen up my eyelid to unnatural proportions (although it did look kinda cool) and I was starting to wonder if I had pink eye, as had happened a couple years back. By Monday I had WebMD’d the symptoms and diagnosed myself with a stye (or more specifically, an internal hordeolum which is more fun to say) which isn’t contagious, so I decided to just power through it and go to work, then come home and work on the strip. Bad idea. By the time I returned home from the office, the stye was pretty irritated and even more swollen, and after I had worked a few hours on the comic, it was downright pissed. Around 1:30am, when I began contemplating taking double shots of vodka to dull the pain, I decided it was time to give in and let my eye have some rest, which resulted in the non-comic you (don’t) see today.

So, big apologies. My eye looks a bit less swollen today, and I’m trying to keep it closed (the act of blinking seems to bother it further). If it gets worse, I suppose I’ll have to go to the doctor and have it checked out – something Mombot thinks I should have done 24-48 hours ago, no doubt. I’ll keep you guys posted but I don’t think it’s serious. Hoping I’ll be back to drawing by tonight or tomorrow, but a new strip might not be up until Thursday or Friday.