I’m happy to present The Christmas Bat’s fifth installment! Hard to believe the tradition of him appearing in the strip has occurred so many times, but it’s true. It’s gotten to the point that readers expect and request him around this time of year, and I’m all too happy to oblige, since it’s fun for me to take a little break from the regular happenings of the “JEFbot Universe” every so often. For those that aren’t up to speed on the Christmas Bat, or don’t understand what the deal is with the gift wrap (and why TCB should fear it), check these strips out:
JEFBOT.24_The Christmas Bat
JEFBOT.106_The Christmas Bat II
JEFBOT.201_The Christmas Bat III_part one
JEFBOT.202_The Christmas Bat III_part two
JEFBOT.300_The Christmas Bat IV

In addition to The Christmas Bat milestone, we are also officially over the 400th strip mark! I might just have to do something to celebrate, but I have to get through Christmas and New Year’s first, then we’ll talk.

Sorry for the missed strip on Tuesday! It wasn’t due to anything as dramatic as my computer failing or my eye becoming diseased, it was mainly due to increased obligations to my day job and just the craziness of the holiday season here at the end of the year. Hopefully the next few super-sized Christmas Bat strips will make up for it a bit. Once 2012 gets here, my schedule will calm down and I’ll be able to get the strip out regularly, and at a decent hour. Speaking of which, I have a meeting I need to be at in a few hours so I’m going to stop typing now.