SORRY! I didn’t want to start my first post of 2012 with an apology but I had to give a big one for the site not being updated in over a week. Ugh. Now that the holidays are over, though, and a lot of the stuff that’s been keeping me busy for the past few weeks has been settled, I’m hoping to get back on track with regular updates every Tuesday and Friday starting next week. I have a lot planned for you readers in 2012, so if everything goes smoothly, this should be JEFbot’s biggest year yet! Again, sorry for the irregular schedule, and Happy New Year!

This is the last of 2011’s Christmas Bat arc! This one ends on a bit of a cliffhanger as The Bat’s rather homeless at the moment and we didn’t find out who was responsible. No doubt that question will be answered in a future installment. And now that this tale has ended, expect some regular standalone strips before we launch into the next big storyline!

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