Seriously, I haven’t seen this many family friendly movies in theaters at the same time since the ’80s! And most of the ones at the local theaters right now are pretty good: I can wholeheartedly recommend Hugo (though it’s not really a “kids” film, per se), Puss in Boots and The Muppets. Loved the first Happy Feet and I hear the second one’s good, too (but haven’t seen it, yet) and I’ll probably catch Tintin this weekend. As today’s strip points out, however, seeing a family movie in a theater is not always a good idea, because actual, well, families go to these things, with kids and stuff. (who’d a thunk?)

Seen any of these movies? Excited about any current or upcoming G/PG films? Disney’s re-release of Beauty and the Beast, Pixar’s Brave and Ghibli’s The Secret World of Arrietty later in the year come to mind. Sound off in the comments.