UPDATE 01/25/2012: Hey, BOTpeeps! Sorry for the delay in getting Tuesday’s strip up – it’s not for lack of trying, believe me. We’re having some technical difficulties with the site which have made it impossible for me to post the latest JEFbot. I’m hoping my tech guru can resolve these issues before tomorrow afternoon at the latest. I’ll keep you guys posted as to any progress (or lack of such) as I know more. Frustratingly yours, Jeff.

For the past couple of years, the Screen Actors Guild has been making the screeners for many of the SAG Awards nominated films available for download via iTunes, which is great, since I can push the movies to my television via my Apple TV. Unfortunately, I’m kinda fickle, and quick to change my mood and mind quickly, so although it might have seemed like a good idea at the moment, an hour later after these films download I’m either watching something else, playing a videogame, working on JEFbot, or out of my apartment altogether. I’m not sure why the films don’t stream (almost) instantly, the way many other films on iTunes or Netflix do, but if I have to wait more than 10 minutes (realistically, more like 2-5 minutes), I’ll generally catch it another day or time.

How about you readers? Do you download movies often? If it doesn’t download instantly, are you as apt to change your mind as I am? Has all this instant media made us spoiled and impatient? Sound off in the comments below!